Every Day You Are Happy Is A Gift To The Universe .....Harry Palmer


Experiencing the Avatar® tools with Tammy is nothing short of amazing. She has brought ThoughtStorm sessions into our office on a regular basis and aligned our group in a way no one thought possible. Our sales have grown, our risks are more calculated and the future outlook for this company is limitless."
Denise Houseberg

D. G.- Carrollton, TX
I feel as though control of my experiences has returned to me rather than being subject to undefined forces. I also have a complete understanding of my consciousness and the effect my consciousness has on my creations… I came to experience.
I am the creator.

P. S.- Arlington, TX
While I did not feel any great emotional uplifting, I did come to realize why I act the way I do; it was a lot of emotional baggage
I have created for myself that I keep dragging around. Now that I know how to get rid of it I can get on with living my life. When doing the final exercise… I felt a large empty space that seemed to go in all directions, waiting for me to create a new life.

C. D.- Richardson, TX
My fear of people lifted… I realized my world and others world are not that different. I believe I can have the home of my dreams. On ‘Surrendering All Judgment’ I had an experience that I cannot even remember, the entire situation (and associated painful response) is gone. I loved the work. I look forward to more layers being peeled off!

D. H.- Frisco, TX
This is my 3rd time taking ReSurfacing, this time I did it with all my employees. What a fabulous experience we had. More awareness has been unleashed on the world. I hope they use it wisely!

N. W.- Coppell, TX
I loved Avatar. What an eye opening experience. I feel lifted, lighter, able to take on the world with the blind fold off!

S. B.- Dallas, TX
Increased awareness, broadened perspective, more control over my world, better focus and insight, calmer feelings, new consciousness, attention to goals, expansion of my universe, understanding of beliefs and experiences and potential.

L. W.- Dallas, TX
Awesome weekend! Given as a gift by my boss. Best gift I’ve ever had! A gift I will use forever!! Learned so much about myself personally.

D. N.- Dallas, TX
1. Raised consciousness as to whose I am and change some behaviors.
2. I changed many viewpoints.
3. I no longer think as before class.

D.H.- Frisco, TX
As my 2nd time through Avatar this was an even deeper experience. I was able to integrate more life experiences wider and further than my 1st time. This is a highly recommended course for those wishing to really enter their own consciousness and play there for a few days. A totally expanding space that is yours to visit anytime you want- now and in the future. For me, I choose (decide) to stay in this arena. Thanks for everything Tammy- I love you.

SB – McKinney, TX
I was totally blown away by the power and simplicity of the Avatar procedures. I came to the 9 day course burdened with obsessive thoughts and uncontrollable crying over past events. I left feeling so free and clear and empowered to keep the peace of mind I had achieved. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to awaken their consciousness and change their life! Tammy, thank you, thank you!

* Quotes by Harry Palmer.

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