Every Day You Are Happy Is A Gift To The Universe .....Harry Palmer

About Tammy Gersh

Tammy has been an Avatar® since 1994. She is licensed as an Avatar Master and Wizard by Stars Edge International.

Tammy can come to your home or office to facilitate the greatly beneficial Thoughtstorm sessions. Businesses have used Thoughtstorms to:


  • Develop Mission Statements
  • Operating Plans
  • Problem Resolution & Effective Policies

Email her for an appointment.

Tammy’s Avatar Experience:
“Tammy’s Avatar Experience:
I took my first Avatar Course in 1994. The effect on my life was profound. I do not say this lightly, I was experiencing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Life certainly was disorderly before the Avatar tools; I had constant flashbacks, I became lost in familiar territory, I couldn’t sleep well, I couldn’t remember what people said without taking notes. My attention was so wrapped up in the memories of being refused care and trying to get help for my baby daughter that I was not living in the present.

During the Avatar Course the flashbacks stopped, I slept better, colors became brighter, shapes more defined, and I felt ‘closer’ to life- no longer a watcher. The tools were surprisingly fun, easy, and relaxing to use.

One morning, during the exercises, a profound silence settled in my mind, like the hush of birds landing in a field. I looked around in surprise. I felt quiet, connected, aware, peaceful. I was reborn during those 9 days.

In all the years that have passed, the effects of the course have not faded. My experience of peace, happiness, and connection has only widened and deepened. More than college, massage courses, technical training, vacations, or a house, Avatar is the best investment I ever made in my life… in life!"

~Tammy’s interests include playing with her family, entertaining friends, gardening, beading, rollerblading, hiking, and swimming. Tammy and her husband David opened Oceanna TM, a floatation spa, in 2004. The trademarked slogan, ‘Feel the Stillness of You’ reflects Tammy’s ultimate goal to assist people in feeling the still quiet place inside themselves, the place from which all possibilities arise.~

Personal Note to you from Tammy:
During the Avatar Course a trained master delivers tools that access your awareness of the subtle workings of the universe that until before, may have gone unnoticed.

As you become aware of these subtle workings of the universe, you operate more as undefined awareness, giving establishment to what I could only call Power.

From this awareness, this still place, you experience what ever you decide. Whatever you decide.

We’ve been there/ here before. Let’s play!


* Quotes by Harry Palmer.