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About Avatar®

Avatar Integrates Life

Avatar is an awakening experience. All that is required is that you do the exercises. The exercises are non-confrontational and energizing. As you do the exercises, your consciousness naturally expands. As you awareness expands, you easily integrate your realizations. This is because they are all coming from you.

Avatar creates a shift in your consciousness and is a simple, yet effective set of tools you can use during your lifetime.

Avatar is not a belief system. You do not have to adopt any new beliefs for the Avatar course to work for you. This is one important reason why Avatar is so unique and works so well.

Avatar does not conflict with belief systems. For example, you do not have to make choices between Avatar and other interests you have in order to enjoy the fruits of Avatar.

What you will find is that you will be able to enjoy what interests you even more, once you are able to live your life Deliberately.

If relationships interest you, but certain beliefs are making them less enjoyable, you'll be able to handle those beliefs and create what you actually prefer.

If a business, profession, or occupation interests you, the beliefs surrounding them can be managed in the same way. If you are a person who enjoys spiritual pursuits, you'll beable to deepen your experiences and enjoy them even more.

As of January 2004, over 65,000 people, from more that 66 countries have graduated from The Avatar Courses.

* Quotes by Harry Palmer.

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